Imagine it is 1900 and you are in Poland visiting the relatives of your wife. Whilst there you come across these gears made of wood and begin to imagine making them out of steel. Well this is what happened to Andre Citroën, causing him to buy the patent from the Polish owners. So began the story of the legendary double chevrons.


A land of independent cities, culturally divers spaces and people respecting their historical identity. Kuyavian Pomeranian steers clear of any clear-cut definitions, suprises and intrigues. You cannot get bored with it, discovering constantly new images.

Its landscape features meandering rivers, forest wilderness, sandy forest tracks, mild valleys, salt deposits, prehistoric settelments, austere Ghotic walls and towers with hidden mysteries.

There are colorful towns creating their present existence on a grand scale, aware of their assets, outlining bravely their future. With their acquired skills of thriftiness, following the principles of technology and crafts, they do not forget about their heritage, written centuries ago in the stars.

Discover all charming sites of our region, building your own constellation of travel! It can be mysterious like Paluki, full of adventures like the Tuchola Coniferous Forests, fascinating like the Lower Vistula River Valley, undiscovered like Bydgoszcz, in the slow style like the Brodnica Lake District, with uhlan's fantasy like Grudziadz, emanating with good energy like our health resorts, mild like Kociewie, and reaching for the stars like Torun.

We do hope that when you visit our region you will feel good energy, which comes form our natural resources, but also from the inspiring power of the distant planets and stars, which we constantly monitor, like none else! Combine selected sites into your own itineraries, travel thorugh undicovered trails and explore Kuyavian Pomeranian Constellations of Good Places.